We want to make your renting experience as easy as possible. All of our prices have no hidden fees and they include damage protection*. What you see is all you have to pay to take your instrument home! All of our instruments are serviced and tested with a four-point check by our experienced staff and repair technicians before they are sent out. We do all of our rental repairs if anything happens to the instrument and we provide a free loaner instrument (pending on availability) while your rental gets serviced.

We only rent instruments that meet or exceed school district quality standards. Our brass and most woodwind instruments are American-made and we proudly stand behind our rental instruments. We have European-Made string instruments that we professionally set up in store by our owner & repair tech, Brian, and long-time repair tech, Bill. They custom-fit all bridges & sound posts in-house to ensure the best sound quality and playability. 

If this is your first time renting, our helpful staff is more than happy to explain how to take care of and maintain your new instrument.


School year rental prices

(all prices include tax + damage protection)

Instrument Used New
Violin 120 155
Viola, Clarinet, Flute 130 165
Trumpet 135 170
Trombone 140 190
Cello 210 270
Alto/Soprano Saxophone 240 300
French Horn, Baritone Horn 290 360
Double French Horn, String Bass 335 435
Tenor Sax, Oboe 275 350
Bass Clarinet 310 410
Piccolo 165 210
Baritone Sax, Bassoon 510 675 (may have to preorder)
Bell Kit 90 130
Bell Set 35 45
Snare Kit 70/80 (with wheels) 90/105 (with wheels)
Tuba 500 N/A

You may reserve an instrument in advance by paying a $20 deposit for used instruments that rent for $160 or less, $30 for instruments that rent for $161-$265, $50 for instruments that rent for $265-$499, $100 for tubas, bassoons, or new string bass. All other new instruments will be held with a $50 deposit. You can call us at 631-476-3850 to reserve over the phone or come into our store.

If you rent for the school year during the summer, the remainder of the summer rental is included at no extra charge.

Your entire rental fee may be applied towards the purchase price of an instrument within the first three months of renting.

Stringed instruments come in sizes. You can have your teacher size you, or come on down and we can do it for you. In order to rent, you must show your current New York State driver's license and Credit Card - MC/VISA/DISC/AMEX (Not a Debit Card).

* Damage Protection: Sound Beach Music will provide maintenance for the normal wear and tear of the rented instrument throughout the rental period. The renter will be liable for any damage incurred after the rental period (when returned late). SBM will not cover damage from abuse, neglect, or careless handling of the instrument (all parts) and case. SBM reserves the right to determine if the damage was accidental or a result of abuse, neglect, or careless handling. The renter agrees to bring the instrument only to SBM for repairs. The renter should never attempt to repair an instrument on their own as they will be liable for any damage due to their negligent repair.