Brigitte Simpson

Brigitte Simpson teaches piano and soprano and alto recorder.  She was a teacher at Sound Beach Music from 2002-2008, when she moved to Fredonia, NY, to go back to school.  Brigitte received her Bachelor Degree in Music Education in 2011.  The highlight of her performing experience was in October 2010 when she gave her graduation piano recital at SUNY Fredonia. 

In the Fall of 2014 Brigitte started teaching at our store again.  her piano lessons started early, when she was seven years old, in Vienna Austria.  At SUNY Fredonia, Mrs. East, a truly exceptional teacher, guided her.  Mrs. East helped her to perform in front of a big crowd which proved to be a challenge.

Brigitte is very happy to be back and will incorporate her new-earned knowledge of music education into her teaching.

Instruments:  Piano