Kelly Brajevich

Kelly has been playing the violin since 1999 and has been teaching since 2007. She graduated in 2013 from St. Joseph's College with a NYS Teaching Certification and earned a TESOL certification in 2013 as well. Kelly studied in Goldsmith's University of London and received her MA in Education in 2014 and is now working on her third college degree. She is well-versed in both classical violin and fiddle styles and she also studied music theory. Her favorite music to play is Irish folk.

She has played in ensembles & sessions while in Spain, Russia, & England. She currently volunteers in community orchestras and the CMPAC Pit Orchestra. 

Kelly has been with Sound Beach Music since 2009, though she took a year off in 2013-2014 to complete her MA and work in Buckingham Palace.

Instruments:  Violin, Viola, Cello, Ukulele