David Andersen

Dave teaches both guitar and piano at Sound Beach Music since May, 2009. Dave has been playing guitar since 1997 and piano since 1990. Dave graduated from Miller Place High school in 2000 and was nominated "Class Musician" of his graduating class. 

Having studied both guitar and piano intensely since very young, Dave understands the importance of Music Theory, and has pursued his study of Music Theory, excelling in Miller Place High School's "Advanced Placement Music Theory" course as well as numerous courses of musical study at Suffolk Community College. 

Having played with several bands over the years and having been involved with numerous recording projects (including performing in Miller Place's 2007 "Save the Music Festival" to raise money for the Miller Place High School music programs), Dave knows the value that Music Theory has in being able to "communicate" with fellow musicians in order to create the most rewarding musical experience possible.

Dave studied for many years under the instruction of master jazz pianist, Michael Livering, at The Performing Arts Studio in Port Jefferson and incorporates much of Michael's theory-based techniques into his own teaching style on both piano and guitar.

Dave believes that music should be joyful. Yes, it takes discipline and practice, but the pay off is a life-long experience of inspiration and personal growth. Dave is a big believer that music can be a tool to build self confidence, self esteem and a sense of pride in every endeavor you undertake in life.

Dave is also a graphic designer, having designed Sound Beach Music's "SBM" logo, business cards and brochures. Dave can be contacted for commissioned graphic work at dakoostic@yahoo.com.

Instruments: Guitar, Piano